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Discussion Starters

Available Resources

Handing Off & Discussion:

Discussion Starters by Fontana Unified

Question Stems by Regan Kelly

Discussion Starters for OCR Strategies:

Created by Jeni Huber:

Posters/Strategy Cards:

Literary Genre Posters by K. Brunson

Vocabulary Strategy Charts by Fontana Unified

Vocabulary Strategy Posters by K. Brunson

Comprehension Skills Posters by Fontana Unified

Reading Strategy Posters by Fontana Unified

Discussion Starter Bookmarks by Mayte Acuna

Strategy Bookmarks 2000 by Mayte Acuna

Strategy Bookmarks 2002 by Mayte Acuna

Visualizing by Debbie Goodis


Becoming a Reader Powerpoint by Ceres Unified

OCR 2000 Focus Questions

How to Ask Open Ended Questions

Strategy Use Discussion Starters by Jeni Huber

Comprehension Strategies from Reading Quest

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