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Available Resources

Fluency Timer:

Software for Timing/Recording Student Fluency Reading by Mathew Needleman

Fluency Passages/Reading: free Kid-Friendly Reading Practice Site

Treasures Specific Fluency Passages

Books for Fluency Practice

DIBELS sign up for free downloadable fluency assessments

Reader's Theater

Free Books Decodable Passages

Free Open Source Reading Series

Fluency Practice /a/ | /f/ | /m/ by Educators

Reading Fluency Rubric by Germaine Paredes

Reader's Theater:

Tons of free Reader's Theater

Articles on Improving Fluency:

Creating Lifelong Learners articles on fluency

Articles/Resources for Improving Fluency

Repeated Reading Techniques by Marily Souza

Florida Center for Reading Research Activities

Podcast on Reading Fluency by Dr. Rasinski, Teacher Created Materials

Literacy Links by Tooter4Kids

Fluency Norms by LAUSD

Additional Resources:

Readability Formula Generator
determine the readability level of text

Reading Log by J. Reyes

Three Keys to Fluency Poster by Germaine Paredes

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