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First Grade: All About Us

Available Resources

      Additional Literature Recommendations

Big Book List by Gloria Garibay

Big Question Board:

Big Question Board Banner by Mathew Needleman
Big Question Board Gallery & Template by Napa Valley School District


Combo Classroom Planners (CA):

K-1 Combo Classroom Planner
1-2 Combo Classroom Planner

Common Core Resources

ConnectEd publisher password protected site

Daily Language Activities (CA)

Discussion Board

First Day of School Activities

Foldable: All About Us Page 1 | Page 2
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General Resources

Interactive White Board Activities:

SMARTBoard Activities Smart Exchange
Promethean Board Activities Promethean Planet


Unit Opener Slideshow
Professional Development Videos


Parent Letters Publisher Site


Oral Vocabulary (FL) by Volunteer Sue

Related Open Court Units:

First Grade: Look Who's Reading

Recommended Literature

Sound Spelling Cards:

PDF File


Reading Remedies for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch
Fluency Timer for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch
Fluency Timer for iOS and Mac

Spelling Activities


Standards Map per unit/lesson (CA) Santa Maria Bonita School District

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Thinking Maps:

Treasures Thinking Maps Correlations (CA)
General Thinking Maps Info

Universal Access Time/IWT


Vocabulary List (CA)
Vocabulary Activities

Writing Activities

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